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    PRO MUAY THAI® is a premier brand in the Muay Thai world and offers a wide range of quality Muay Thai Boxing Equipment, Training Gear and Fight Gear. We have various selections, sizes, designs, colors, and definitely the best quality of boxing equipment at the very best price.Whether you are an amateur or professional fighter, a coach, or into boxing for its fitness benefits. All of our PRO MUAY THAI® Heavy Bags / PRO MUAY THAI® Punching Bags come with free lifetime warranty!

    PRO MUAY THAI® provides the best boxing gear available and training equipment at affordable prices.

    Our product includes boxing gloves, head gears, protections, training pads, shorts, apparels, accessories, and more.

    Every gear is premium quality guaranteed with 100% authentic and made in Thailand by the PRO MUAY THAI brand which is a world renowned maker of high quality boxing equipment and has established a well-earned reputation for providing top quality boxing gear at a fair price.

    PRO MUAY THAI® also customizes all gear to your specifications in any colors or sizes required.We can personalize the items e.g. boxing gloves and shorts, and etc. by your unique design, logos, and embroideries in 1-2 weeks minimum order time. For any further questions you may reach our customer service representatives 7 days a week at (323) 460-4600

What is Martial Arts?

Martial Arts is a big word to define different traditions and combat practices followed throughout from generations to generations. It has a deep impact meaning which is practiced for reasons like: Self-Defense, Spiritual development, law enforcement and for even military purposes in today’s world.Self defense techniques has been developed by masters in past so much [...]

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PROLAST® Boxing Ring & PROLAST® Heavy Bags in “Clubber" - A Sequel to “Creed” Starring Tracy Morgan & Jimmy Kimmel

One of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year that was not nominated for Best Picture was “Creed” - the story of Rocky Balboa training the son of one of his great rivals. It wouldn’t be a Rocky movie without a sequel, so we are pleased to debut the world premiere trailer for the [...]

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NIKE Boxing Shoes – Footwear for Fighters

Still riding the wave of the running craze that hit the US in the early seventies, followed by a fitness boom later on in that same decade, the already well-established Nike brand was on the lookout for its next big move. It came in the way of product placement in what would become one of [...]

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Train Hard, Hit Harder! The new colors for the Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes are in!

Train Hard, Hit Harder! The new colors for the Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes are in. Check out the NEW Exclusive collection at PRO Fight Shop® Keeping the NIKE HYPERKO Boxing Shoes strong and light are NIKE FLYWIRE Supports – High-Strength threads that work like cables on a suspension bridge with support engineered precisely where the athlete [...]

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Why Type Of Heavy Bag Should I Buy?

Choosing a Heavy Bag. Heavy bags come in so many different materials, sizes and configurations that it’s tough for some boxers or coaches to narrow the field down enough to decide which one is best for them.To help in your decision-making process, you have to know two things: First, how much do you weigh and, second, [...]

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What are the Right Type of Boxing Gloves for Me?

The Best Boxing Gloves for You. What are the right type of boxing gloves for me? That depends on what you are primarily using them for. It’s also largely dependent on personal preference. Some people prefer smaller, more compact gloves, while others are more interested in hand protection and like a more heavily-padded glove. Fit is [...]

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