Pro Wrestling Ring 16' x 16' Complete Deluxe Package

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  • All steel interlocking frame 
  • Corner Posts are constructed with 4-inch square steel tubes, 8-feet tall (can be made shorter if requested) 
  • 2"x2" steel side rails with 1/8" walls, 14" tall 
  • Ground to floor height: approx. 37-inches 
  • Frame is constructed with 4-inch square steel tubes 
  • All bars are interchangable 
  • Professional padding covering the ring floor
  • Canvas & Skirting made from heavy canvas material in various colors  
  • Turnbuckle pads are made from same material & same colors and can be mixed as desired 
  • approx. 54-inches from canvas to top rope 
  • 1/2-inch x 6-inch turnbuckles, 2-inch hole in hooks 
  • Flooring is 21 2x10x16 boards (you can choose to add wood for an additional price)

    Special Features:
  • No underneath cables needed, so you don't waste hours setting up and lining up your ring. 
  • All pieces are completely interchangeable, there is no part 1, part 2.... 
  • Our frames are built different than anybody else that sells wrestling rings and claims they build them in the same exact fashion, please do not compare them as similar.  We never buy or use scraps/cutoffs, we only use first quality steel, we use steel with proper thickness/gauge to hold the intended stress, and all labor is done by a certifiable welder.


Add Ring Stairs with your Wrestling Ring purchase! These sell for $499 if ordered separately from a Wrestling Ring order!!!  Get yours for half-price now!!!