PRO MMA® 30' X 30' Official Octagon MMA Cage Complete


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Build the best  MMA  team! With the Official PRO MMA 30' X 30' Octagon achieve the best results! Professional processing and dimensions Octagon in accordance with the rules of the most successful MMA championships in the world. The 750 square foot Octagon MMA Cage measures 30 feet across and 6 feet high, and was created with both safety and fairness in mind. Its walls and padded surfaces protect fighters from falling out (or getting thrown out).

Professional MMA cage for organizing international matches and toughest MMA training. Only the best materials are used for the PRO Octagon MMA Cage. It comes complete with two door panels against each other. The doors are color-coded. 2 wide staircase allows secure access into Official Octagon MMA Cage.  1 m wide Catwalk can be purchased at an additional cost which is a natural part of the Octagon and only the prettiest Ring Girls can walk on it ! The wide angles prevent fighters from getting stuck in a corner with no way out.

  • Diameter 9m (30 ft.)
  • Floor height 1,2m (3,9 ft.)
  • Wide catwalk 1m (3,2ft.)
  • Floor padding 3cm