Cleto Reyes Bag Gloves with Hook and Loop Closure Black Color

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Bag Gloves with Hook and Loop Closure Black Color

The hook and loop bag gloves are designed to have the comfort of fastening and withdrawing the glove. The Bag Gloves provide a smooth pre-curved design with lightweight latex foam padding. This gives you more power and speed in your punches. These gloves have water repellent linings which prevent moisture from entering the padding and keeps the weight of the gloves constant. In addition, it has a streamline design with a hook and loop closure at the end of the glove for you to have a firm and faster adjustment of it. the Bag Gloves Hook and Loop Closure is perfect for workouts like heavy bags, punching mitts, and speed bags. Size: L, M, S, XL Color: Black, Classic Red. This Item is available for men and women.

  • Traditional gloves design built with premium leather.
  • The repellent linings prevent moisture from entering padding, which results in the glove’s weight remains constant.
  • The gloves are easy to put on and take off.
  • It combines the avant-garde and style that a champion must use, with the quality standards that recognize by Cleto Reyes Brands
  • Handmade and manufactured in Mexico under strict quality control with premium leather.
  • The Bag Gloves Hook and Loop Closure is made of premium leather.